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11 lb.: 04 oz x 0.1 oz
Portable Toploader

Ohaus CS5000 MSRP $134.00 Our Price $100.50

Buy an CS and all you have to do is ask for the US Postal "Consumer's Guide to Postal Rates and Fees", Publication 123, January 07, 2001, when you place your order and we'll send you one with your scale.  When the rates go up you just walk to your local postal office for a new rate book.  No more going CRAZY trying to find a new rate chip of dial face No more going CRAZY over the price they charge for those rate chips and dial faces No more buying for a supplier that does not support the product.  People have told us they paid more for the new dial face than they paid for the scale!!!


We apologize but we do not sell any of the Pelouze Products.  We receive numerous phone calls regarding rate chips and rate faces for the digital and mechanical postal scales.   We recommend that you call Pelouze at either 708-430-8330 or 1-888-807-2253 or visit them online at .

You should also try calling the store or company that originally sold you the Pelouze Scale.  Many people tell us the store where the original scale was purchased does not sell the accessories.  Please consider this the next time you need to purchase a scale.  Precision Weighing Balances sells A&D , Ohaus , Scientech and Tanita Scales at deep discount prices and offers customer support even after the sale.  We also carry the full line of Siltec shipping scales with capacities from 100 lbs to 2000 pounds .

Precision sells the following substitute scales for the following Pelouze models.  None of these units offer price computing for postal or UPS rates.  Upon request, we can offer you a current "Consumer's Guide to Postal Rates and Fees" issued by the US Postal Service free of charge at the time you place an order for a scale with us.  Whenever the rate increases again you can easily acquire the new rates by visiting any US Post office.  Best of all it's FREE.  This is a lot cheaper than paying $70.00 plus shipping (current price of rate chip for the PS6R1 scale buying direct from Pelouze on 3/12/01 at 888-807-2253 ) every time the rates go up.  

Precision Weighing Balances stands behind the products we sell with spectacular customer support.  We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry, a tremendous inventory and we are here to help you.  Please tell a friend about us since satisfied customers are our best marketing tool.  Your help is greatly appreciated in expanding our internet business and exposure.

Great shipping scale

Now available: 100 pound weighing capacity with 0.1 pound accuracy durable bench scale ideal for shipping and receiving. $149.95

Need more capacity??
PS200L - 200 lbs x 0.2 lb for
PS500L - 500 lbs x 0.5 lb for $169.95
WS1000L - 1000 lbs x 1 lb for $249.95
WS2000L - 2000 lbs x 2 lb for $279.95
Many Models Legal for Trade
A&D SK-Series
No one offers more food processing scale models to choose from than A&D.  Capacities from 2.2 lbs up to 66 lbs and accuracy from 0.5g/0.001lb to 0.02kg/0.05lb.  All SK models have a large 9.05" (W) x 7.48" (D) removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning.
HL-4000 (4000g x 1g)
A&D HL-Series

These portable toploading compact scales are battery operated A&D HL-Series are extremely popular with the educational marketplace.
  HL-2000 (2000g x 1g)   HL-4000 (4000g x 1g)  
Pelouze PE10
Portable Toploader
Pelouze 4010
Several models to choose from
Pelouze P100S
Pelouze P250S
Pelouze 4040
Large 11.8(W) x 15.0(D) inches  platform

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