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See the New A&D MX/MF Moisture Balances replaces AD-4712, AD-4714A, & AD-4715
AD-4712,/14A/15: Models will be available thru Summer, 2003

AD4715 moisture balance A&D-4715 Digital Moisture Balance offers fast and easy moisture percentage determination, with a weighing resolution of 0.001 gram.  It's the ideal choice to use in your quality control program for a wide range of varied samples.  Prediction algorithm greatly reduces the time necessary to obtain an accurate moisture content in only 5 minutes.  Using Loss-on-Drying technology, A&D incorporates an infrared lamp to provide even heat distribution for effective moisture content determination & avoids burning samples.

Non-Volatile Memory preserves temperature & time settings after the AD-4715 is turned off.  Now you can prevent the loss of data during power failures or inadvertently shutting unit off.  Also, allows recall of settings at a later date unless changed.  This speeds repetitive sampling such as determining solids loading in a wastewater treatment facility.

Amazing new LCD displays a wealth of information including: Moisture Content, Elapsed Time Indication, Year/Date/Time, Remaining Indication, Temperature, Unit, Mode, Output, and Code.  Simple interfacing to a computer via the built-in RS232C interface and WinCT balance communication software makes recording data into MS Word or Excel a breeze.

There is also the optional A&D DPU-411 thermal printer for providing a graphic printout that provides a record of each test.  Now record keeping & test reports couldn't be easier with the DPU-411.  Included is a full chronological list of time, temperature and moisture percentages detected during 10 second time cycles, as well as a graph of the test and a record of the Sample Code, Date/Time, Condition Number, Setting temperature, Mode (Prediction/Comparison) and Wet or Dry mass in grams.
percent moisture results

Additional features include:

  • Moisture Determination accuracy to 0.01%.
  • Non-volatile memory preserves temperature and time settings after the unit is turned off.
  • Alarm sounds at the end of the drying period.
  • Wide Angle, Multi-Information LCD Display enhances operating capability & provides thorough & immediate feedback to the operator.
  • Full Digital Calibration simplifies calibration process through push button calibration.
  • No need to measure sample weight, use any amount between 1 and 300 grams
  • Five year manufacturer's warranty.


A&D Model:


Measurement Method Infrared radiation & detection of weight loss
Sample Weight Range

1 ~ 300g
0.04 ~ 10.58 oz

Weight Readability


Water Content Measurement Range

0~ 100%(wet base)

0~ 500%(dry base)

0~ 100%(solid base)

Water Content Readability

0.01% / 0.1%

Water Content Accuracy

0.1% (over 3g)
0.2% (1 ~ 3g)


Digital LCD, Moisture Content (%), Temperature C, Time (min), Weight (g)

Drying Temperature

40 ~ 200C
104 ~ 392F

Time setting

1~ 990 min of continuous
Automatic Predict

Weighing Pan Diameter

130 mm / 5.1 in.

Temperature Control Method

PID thermostatic control Thermistor sensor


400W Infrared Lamp

Data Output

Std. serial interface



External Control Std. remote control keyboard
Power (factory installed) 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC
Weight 5.4 kg / 11.9 lb
Dimensions (mm)
(W) x (D) x (H)
194 x 319 x 331
Dimensions (inch)
(W) x (D) x (H)
7.6 x 12.6 x 13.0
RS-232C Standard on AD-4715 use WinCT to import data to Excel
Standard Accessories

Spoon, Tweezers, Pan Foils, Manual, Dust Cover


Specifications subject to change

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