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The Tanita 1144 Series has been discontinued and production has ended.  Please review the Myweigh KD7000 as an alternative to the Tanita 1144-210 HERE.

Parrot Scales Eclectus weighs 464 grams

Those of us who raise and keep parrots know the pleasure of living with highly intelligent animals who speak to us in our own language.  Not only do they speak, they play games, sing, dance and even share meals when we allow them.  The beauty of a healthy happy parrot is truly a sight to behold.  It is our responsibility to maintain them in the peak condition they deserve.  Parrots that are fed properly and kept clean will live a long and happy life.  Large parrots, such as Amazons and Macaws, may outlive their owners.  Some have lived in excess of seventy years.  It is common for parrot owners to include the future care of their parrots in their wills.  We really don't own them; they are our life-long friends.

A diet containing all the necessary nutrients for the species is essential.  An avian veterinarian can advise the owner how to develop a proper diet for a specific parrot.  A scale is an absolute necessity for monitoring the progress of the diet.  By nature, parrots try to mask illness.  Wild parrots that are weak or sick can be easy prey.  A bird can fool even an experienced owner that knows the bird well.  If the owner has kept a record of the parrot's weight over a period of time, however, problems can be much easier to detect. My bird weighs 464 grams

A scale for parrots must weigh in grams.  If it also weighs in ounces, so much the better.  I decided to buy a new scale for my birds.  The one I have used was a Acculab GS2001, and it has served me well- but I wanted something better and more adaptable.  I ordered the Tanita 1144-210 (now replaced by the KD200-210), and I am very happy with it.  It has a heavy-duty removable stainless steel platform, not the thin stuff I have seen on other scales.  It is removable which makes cleaning easy- and with parrots, accidents do happen.  It comes with a convenient adapter, and has a large LCD display.  Best of all, it is a simple-to-use two button design.  The MSRP for this scale is $179.99.  PWB sells it for $69.95.  I did not find the decision to buy my scale from PWB to be very difficult.  Neither should you.

I would like to thank Maria Ruocco from Westford, MA for submitting this article.

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