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Why are prepaid prices so low??

  1. We buy the scales offered in this special promotional offer in huge quantities.  Some distributors buy scales in quantities of 20 or 50 pieces.  We buy digital scales in quantities of several grosses and mechanical scales in thousands.  Our core market is wholesale to other businesses.  Buying in these quantities allows us to sell at unheard of prices.  Precision began marketing scales on the internet in 1996, was the first scale distributor dedicated solely to selling scales.
  2. When you pay with a postal money order, we are guaranteed the funds are available.  We don't have to deal with personal checks with NSF (non sufficient funds) or stolen checks.  Our bank charges for checks deposited with NSF.  By accepting postal money orders we eliminate the cost and pass the saving onto you!
  3. When you pay with a postal money order we don't have to give 4.5 percent of the sale to the credit card companies.  Since we are in the mail order business, the credit card processors classify mail order businesses as a high risk category.  Yes, we understand stores on average pay the credit card companies, 2 percent of the sale.  This is because they (the stores) have the "card in hand," mail order is altogether different.  We incorporate AVS (Address Verification System) which verifies credit card holder information.  We have made a business decision to ship certain scales only to the exact address of the card holder since they have shown a high incidence of fraud.  By prepaying we don't need to deal with these problems.
  4. Many times the authorization center does not have the address information on file requiring us to call the actual issuing bank of the credit card holder.  This is because the credit card is actually a debit card or the issuing bank of the credit card has not provided this information to the company that provides the AVS information.  If the card holder name and the delivery address does not match what the credit card company has on file, we will not ship the merchandise.  By accepting only postal money orders we eliminate all this aggravation and time on the telephone.  We save time and you save $$.
  5. Our core business is in the wholesale distribution of mechanical and digital scales.  During the past two years we have seen the wholesale prices on our scales dramatically decrease yet the price the end users pay at the retailer has not fallen.  Now, we want the consumer to see the price savings.
  6. We want your business and your friends.  After analyzing our stats from our web sites we see an enormous amount of traffic yet sales are slow.  With these low prices there will be no questions that price is an issue for the consumer not making a purchasing while visiting our web site.  We know if offering wholesale prices to the end user they will be extremely satisfied and refer us to other and the numerous newsgroups and chat lines on the internet.  We welcome you to submit us on any web site that may have an interest in purchasing scales for their audience.  Our goal is to be the first and only place people on the internet go to buy balances, scales and weighing accessories.


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