Clear & Large VFD Display
Easy to see even in the dark / wide angle view prevents mistakes

Large easy to see VFD display

Animal Weighing

Hold Function for animal weighing
  Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting
Adapts to the most suitable environment response setting automatically with one-touch key operation.  The response annunciator displays "FAST", "MID" and "SLOW"
Comparator Function

The results of the comparison are indicated by the HI, OK, LO on the display
ACAI Counting Function

Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement continuously recalculates and updates the average piece weight to ensure optimum count accuracy even with very small parts.
  Percentage Function
Shows the % to the standard sample weight.  Ideal for comparative weighing and moisture loss applications.
  Capacity Indicator
Shows the % to the total weight capacity on the display in the top left corner.
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